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About us

Kilkinamurry Presbyterian Church was established in 1821. We are a small rural congregation of some 60 families located in the rolling drumlins of south County Down just a couple of miles outside Katesbridge.  


Since 1937 we have enjoyed a close and harmonious union with our sister congregation of Drumgooland just a few miles away in the townland of Closkelt.


What characterises our congregation?

  •  We are a gospel centred church – where the Good News of Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection for sinners is proclaimed.  We aim to see people of all ages come to know Jesus Christ and make him known.

  • We are a family church where everybody, from the youngest to the oldest are welcome and can feel at home.

  • We seek to be a community church. We are part of the community and we seek to reach out and serve the members of the community.   Everyone is welcome to our services and activities.

  • We like to think that our church is a friendly church. We would like to assure you that you will receive a warm welcome at any of our services and organisations. We’ll be delighted to see you. 

We have many activities for people of all ages, including Sunday School, Mums & Tots, BB & GB, Bowling Club, and Youth Club.  Many of our activities are combined with our sister congregation of Drumgooland.

 If you are interested in finding out more about our church or if we can be of any assistance then please contact our minister.


Sunday School

Sunday School: All children from P1 to P7 are warmly welcomed each Sunday from 11.30 am to 12.30pm in the Church Hall from September to May

We are using the Answers in Genesis apologies - based Sunday school curriculum, called Answers Bible Curriculum. This consists of chronological teaching through the whole Bible and aims to equip our children to know, obey and defend God's Word and to share the gospel. The lessons are taught at different depths according to the different age-groups. We also memorize scripture, do fun activities and sing songs that relate to the lessons.

Bible Class: All young people from Year 8 and above are warmly welcomes each Sunday. We start with tea and biscuits then spend time leanring from the Answers Bible Curriculum. In addition to the lessons, each young peson has their own Student Guidebook. This contains lesson background material, space for taking notes in class and life application questions.

Throughout the year, the children and young people take part in our Christmas Carol Service in December and lead both of our Children's Day Services in May. We roud off the year with out annual family Day Trip in June.



A dark green Defibrillator box is located on the external wall of the church hall and is available 24 hours for anyone in the area to use.

Instructions are given on the secure box.

All you need is a phone to ring the emergency services on     999   or    112  

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